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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A visit to The Frugal Family Fun Blog

(If you have a tutorial you would like us to try, leave a comment with a link to the tutorial and we'll check it out!)

Whew, the kids and I are WORN OUT!  We traveled all the way from I'mSEWcheap-ville to The Frugal Family Fun Blog!  It took us a while, but it was worth it when we got there!

In all seriousness, Valerie's site is AMAZING!  She has tons of fun kid friendly activities and  everything well categorized and easy to follow! 

Today, the kids and I decided to follow her tutorial labeled : Easy Crazy Crayon Party Favors .   What a great way to repurpose broken crayons! It seems like every time my children color they break at least one crayon!  And I'm SEW cheap that I can't stand to throw them away and buy more all the time!

Ok, without further adieu....here is how our visit to Valerie's site went!

First up, the list of necessities :
                                                                    1. Broken Crayons

                                                                   2. baking tin

  (Valerie uses a heart shaped on....SEW cute....but alas, I only have the round one and I'm too cheap to buy more!)

The FFFB suggests having an adult use a pocket knife to score the wrappers to make it easier for the kiddos to remove them. Twas a very good idea...however, I'm a bit inept with sharp utensils, so,  I used a serrated butter knife.

Now, time to start the project!

                                    Step 1.  The kids helped me peel off the crayon wrappers..

                                   Step 2.  We separated the crayons by color (maybe not a necessary step,            but the kids loved it!

Step 3.  We picked out the colors for our crayons and put them in the individual cups.

Next, Valerie at The Frugal Family Fun Blog says to put your crayons in an oven at 275 for 10 minutes, so, thats what we do!

Here they are melting in the oven:

Here they are about 3 minutes after I've pulled them out...

And then, I put them into the fridge, as suggested.

30 minutes later I pulled them out and .....

This was so much fun!  The kids each picked out their favorites!  Now they want me to find a heart shaped tin like Valerie's so they can give them away to their friends for valentines!

Thanks again to The Frugal Family Fun Blog for this GREAT Easy Tutorial!

This was a fun trip......I like it here......I may stay a while and do another tutorial......or come back again another time!


Volleysoft said...

P.S.....Thanks to Cris and her kiddos for rounding up more crayons so we would have enough for our project!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Yay!!!! I'm so happy you did this -- They look fantastic!! And I am SO happy to hear you've been enjoying our little bloggy blog... fun!!!! :-) This post totally made my day, thank you!! xoxo



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