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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My latest Baby Bib

Ok, I'm thinkin I might have caught the Bib Bug.....they're cute, they're small, they're quick, and they're fun!  Here is another Bib I made....hmmmm....what will I make next????? hehe

This bib is made from a pair of grey denim jeans I that I rescued from a resale shop that had slated them for trash.

I edged and embroidered it. I had SO much fun putting the embroidery it!

I made the trim by placing a transparent ribbon over another one. All I needed were some little scraps...glad I kept them!

I cut the seams out of the jeans and embroidered them with turquoise on top and light pink on bottom for contrast.

I made button holes, put the jean seams through them, and knotted the seams.
And...VOILA....a super cute, scrappy, upcycled bib!

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