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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Keys are MINE!

FINALLY!!!...after a whole ton of ups and downs and almost not even GETTING the house...oh, and a whole lotta prayer....The keys are MINE!!!!

 Now, the real work begins!  Today, we closed on the house, tomorrow, we dig in and start renovating!

First up: Demolition!  We are going to remove the rest of the carpet from the dining room and kitchen, as well as the kitchen cabinets.....

Delima #1.....Where to find cabinets that are less than the 1,000 price we are looking at now....We have been looking on craigslist and ebay, but we have a "galley style" kitchen, which means, not a lot of space and NO corners...the cupboards are on two opposite walls only.  Gotta save money on the cabinets!!!

This is a pic of my kitchen..."before"...ICK!

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. eclectic kitchen

An example of how beautiful a galley kitchen CAN look....WAY above my price range though!
Oh, and bigger than my kitchen too!

Stay tuned....I'll be posting pics of tomorrow's demo soon!!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Life's getting PINteresting....

Still waiting for the actual closing on our house.....having to jump some hurdles and hop through some loopholes, but, In the meantime, I've been planning my list of things to do and the order to do them in.

AND....I'm dreaming a lil....wanna dream with me?  Come find me on Pinterest....my pinterest name is Volleysoft!!!!!



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