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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mean Green Blue Jeans! (pt 1)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ok, so, "Go Green" is the thing, I know that.....but for me, being "SEW CHEAP" is just as much about SAVING green!  In today's economy, why spend (or expect others to spend) ridiculous amounts of money on things when you can just make due by recycling what  you have?  That being said, the story of the "Mean Green Blue Jeans" begins!

My good friend (who knows me so well!) gave me not one, but 4 pair of her husbands old worn-out work jeans to do with as I pleased.  Well, THEN, it began!  I was SO excited to have these little gems!( he's well over 6ft, NOT so little!)   I got right to work looking for fun things to "upcycle" them into!  So far, I have made a giant carry/all, four aprons, two lunch bags, and a gift bag!  The most gratifying moment so far has been being able to take squares out of the jeans and make a special apron for my friend out of them!  Now she can try HER hand at wearing out her hubby's jeans in the KITCHEN!

Between today and tomorrow, I hope to be able to post some of these fun projects along with the inspiration for them.  I hope you enjoy, please feel free to post links to your favorite blue jean projects as well!

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