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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stamping out boredom

The kids and I sat down together today and, as a team,we stamped out boredom....literally!  No, seriously! 

                                                          I got out my alphabet stampers
(which are usually paired with water and construction paper for some fun alphabet learning with my 5yr old)

Some acrylic paint and paint brushes,

AND...fabric from old jeans or khakis.

We poured some paint into old Tupperware lids, 
cut some more stamps out of potatoes

and started stamping!
We monogrammed:

We stamped nicknames:

We made pictures:


I even had my daughter stamp up a piece of t-shirt fabric that I had.

They didn't have to be perfect.  In fact, the imperfections were what made them cute!

Then I started attaching those monograms to things!

These are a couple of my different lunch bags:

and This is an apron (tutorial posted on this site!) I made for a friend.

We haven't used all of the stamped fabric pieces yet. There weren't really any projects planned for them. We just put them into a Ziploc for later use.  This way, we had fun as a family while saving future monogramming time as well as saving MONEY on paint by not having wasted, dried out paint by getting the stuff out every time we need something.  

In the future, if I realize we need another stamped item, we'll just "Stamp out Boredom" together AGAIN!

This was an project in my book!



alison29 said...


That is so great. I love the ideas you came up with the kids. Keep up the great work.
GOD BLESS you and the family.

Tricia said...

Just coming to check out your site since you visited mine and I just love this idea! Thanks for the visit!




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