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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday Excursion!

I'm SO excited!! WOO HOO!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!! YEEEHAW!!!! OH....maybe I should tell you why? hehe

Here goes:

I'm going to HOBBY LOBBY tomorrow! AND....better than that...>BIG LOTS!!!! Do you have ANY idea the things you can get a Big lots for crafting? And...its WAY affordable!

You can get small skeins of funky yarn for a buck each. There are racks and racks of awesome scrapbooking supplies for cheap. Most items are between 1 and 5 dollars, including super cute scrapbooks! There are tons of jewelry making supplies for around 1 to 5 dollars each as well!  There are cute dishtowels for cheap if you like upcycling.  Adorable socks for upcycling.....TONS o FUN at Big lots!

 A lot of the fun of tomorrow is also that I am taking my two oldest daughters, my friend, and her daughter as well. It is destined to be a girl's DAY OF FUN! I promise to come back with a bunch of new crafty ideas to post!

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