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Thursday, February 10, 2011

leftover lace and ribbons , rosettes , headbands , pins , and hair clippies...OH MY!

I fought the glue gun and the glue gun won!  A couple days ago, I got out my leftover/unused lace bag and a glue gun and went to town!  I had SO much fun!  I got to use the headbands from my "frugal finds for future fun " post too!   In all, I made one lapel pin, two headbands, and 5 hair clippies!

I thought I'd share some completed pics.  There will be some basic tutorial to follow in subsequent posts if your interested!

A hair clippie and a lapel pin....
3 Hair clippies

Two headbands made with leftover lace from a friends old pillowcases and some rosettes I made.

A little lace or ribbon and a hot glue gun and you've got a fun time waiting to happen!


JD Art said...

Really like the green spotty one.

Volleysoft said...

me too! Can't wait to find an obnoxious outfit with the right colors but not the right pattern for one of my daughters or I to wear it with!



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