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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Family Blog Travels

I love to travel.  I enjoy driving or riding down the road, exploring new places, touring points of interest, learning new things, taking home souvenirs.....you name it, I love it!
BUT.....I have 5 children, two dogs, and a cat. This, coupled with a limited budget,  makes travel a little difficult these days.  However, thanks to y'all, I can still travel! 

I just pack my laptop,  hop on the Blog-train and take off!  Maybe my first stop will be SCOTLAND where I can learn how to make a cute purse/bag from Julia D. Art, or maybe the kids and I will stay right here in the USA and learn from a girl who's ORIGINALLY from the UK, but moved to good ole' California ,and learn how to make her Lazy Crayon Roll.  Who knows where we'll go first, or after that!  It'll be a blast! 

Don't worry, I'll keep in touch as I travel, right here in my blog! The kids and I will have a ton of fun trying out all the tutorials you bloggers have posted!  We'll post what we've done, all of it!  The good, the bad, AND the ugly! 

Keep checking back...maybe you'll find a site that makes you feel like traveling there too! AND...by all means, if you have I "blogville" you want me to travel to , go ahead and post a comment with a link to my site!  If I like one of my points of interest.....I may just have to post it in "I SEW love these sites"!!!

I already went to RavenzTarot Mindless Sewing Rants and I get to bring home a souvenir....I WON  a GIVEAWAY!!!! Thanx Ravenz!

FIRST STOP:  We're visiting Valerie at The Frugal Family Fun blog!  She has a GREAT blogville and....She shares her name with my youngest daughter! Hmmm.....lots of stuff here....might have to stay a while..........

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