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Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 Cute Easy headband redos!

As promised, Here is how I made adorable headbands with some leftover ribbon and some rescued lace from a friend's old pillowcases!


Headband(dollar store is a GREAT place to look!)
Lace and ribbon scraps
Glue gun

Directions:  (this is just what I DID....use your imagination and switch it up however you want!)

First I took this rescued pillowcase lace and cut two shell shapes side by
side from the edges.

I picked out two small rosettes (from my Leftover Lace tutorial)

Next I folded the lace shells over each other and arranged
them with the rossettes in a way that I liked and just
Glued em on.....VOILA...HEADBAND!



I took  some more of that rescued lace out......

then I  cut a length just enough longer than the headband to wrap under the sides of the headband

I hot glued the headband from one side to the other making sure to
glue the undersides well.

*An option here would be to lace some ribbon of a
 contrasting color through. 

Or to glue some over top.  BUT, .....

I did neither!  This way, it will match more things.

Raegan(my oldest) modeled for me!

She loved this one!.......

But Buck loved it more!


anne said...

Very cute. Good job! Stop by creativesouthernhome.blogspot.com. I have an award waiting for you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for following my blog! I appreciate you as a reader & your thoughtful comments. I am following you back. Cute hairband!



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