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Friday, February 11, 2011

Basic Easy Ribbon or Lace Hair Clips

These clips are SO much fun and SO easy too! (If I can do it.......ANYONE can! lol) 


Ribbon or Lace (preferably two sided...if it has one white side and one patterned, it just doesn't turn out as nice)

Hot Glue Gun or Needle and thread(Some people prefer to hand stitch, but, I find the hot glue gun to be faster and just as nice)

Alligator clips or bobby pins


Optional...... a lapel pin finding (these rosettes make great pins too!)


To start, roll up one end of the ribbon tightly for about 3 rounds (or make a knot in the end first if you find it easier to wrap that way).

Next, begin flipping the ribbon AWAY from the direction you are rolling it.  Hot glue along the bottom as you fold to secure the ribbon.

This ribbon was white on one side, so I folded it in half as I went to keep the stripes on both sides.
Continue wrapping and flipping till you have your desired size, then clip, turn the end under the rosette and glue it to the bottom.

Next, cut a circle out of the felt to fit the bottom of the flour but not show from the top. Glue it to the bottom .Either glue on a lapel pin backing or Cut a rectangle of felt the same length as the diameter of the circle and glue just the ends to the circle of felt.
Then, add a bobby pin or an alligator clip and .......

Stick it in your hair!

 Have you made these?  I would love it if you posted with a link to yours!

1 comment:

KM said...

LOVE!!!! I have to make these for my niece. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow :) I am now following your blog, YAY!




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