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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


My latest trip to the resale shop sent GOOSE PIMPLES up my arms and SHIVERS up my spine!  I stepped into the epicenter of "Crossroads" operations and told the new volunteer why I was there.  She kindly ushered me to the tote I was to sort through.  As I neared the tote, my excitement grew....It wasn't full, it was OVERFLOWING with possibilities for my craft-overloaded mind.  The tingles began as she brought me a chair.  I sat down and smiled.   What to my wondering eyes should appear?  Not 1, not 2, or even 3, but SEVEN pairs of cargo/khaki shorts!

 OH JOY!  The things that began running through my craft brain!  I tried to control my excitement as I kept grabbing.  Next, I found some lovely sweaters with exciting upcycle prospects....but wait, whats that? NO WAY!  1 pair of daisy dukes WITH an adorable Belt! (Crafters....need I say more?).

 A few more sweaters, some jammy pants, and then the last thing I chose to adopt:  a jammy shirt with tweeties all over it.....reusable lunch napkins just WAITING to happen!  Yes, today was a GOOD day! 

Now, that said....back to reality and the reason for this post....SEVEN pairs of khaki shorts!  Oh JOY, oh RAPTURE!  Oh the possibilities.....I think I shall fill some precious moments finding new ways (and maybe some old ones too)to upcycle these puppies.  I will just have to post them so you can see more of my "craft-sanity!"


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