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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Crochet Wrist warmer mitts

I LOVE to crochet.....but I  like fast easy projects, like hats, wash cloths, scrubbies, dish towels...etc.

AND, while I have been known to follow patterns, I am more apt to make my own.

Here are a couple pics of some patterns i created for a passion of mine.....Wrist warmers!  There are so many ways to do these, you can never get bored!  I may have to write the patterns down and share them so I can make you a wristlet addict too!

This pair is simple and cute...but missing something.  I think it needs a couple gold buttons from my old button collection!

 This pair is my favorite!  They remind me of one of my favorite childhood Ice Creams: Superman Ice Cream!


JD Art said...

very cute. Never heard of a Superman Ice Cream though! guess we don't get them here in Scotland!

Volleysoft said...

haha....you're probably better off...it's very fattening! Probably no worse than those yummy scottish biscuts you have over there, though!



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