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Friday, March 11, 2011

Today's Crochet Projects...more dishcloths! Craft a day #3!

I LOVE, not like LOVE....dishcloths!  They are the perfect project!  They're quick, easy, useful, and there are more pattern possibilities than stars in the sky!  Here are the ones I popped off today!

NOTE:  I'm cheating and making today's crochet post my craft post as well....gotta lotta sewing to do, no
extra time!

This one was simple, but adorable and fun! (love the pink/green camo!)

I made this one using a simple sc1/ch1 pattern, fast, easy , and cute!

I thought they looked cuter together!

Pictures do NOT do this one justice!  It is SEW cute!
I did a sk1, 2dc in next two, back post dc into skipped chain pattern on this one.
Then, on the last round, I: sk1, dc1, bp dc1,  all the way around.
My daughter wants me to make one with a bigger center for a barbie skirt!

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