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Friday, March 11, 2011

8 dresses , 4 girls, and 8 more doll dresses!

My friend has commissioned some dresses(well, jumpers) from me for her 4 gorgeous daughters.
She want's two dresses per child and, if there is leftover fabric, matching doll dresses (16 total) 
She did something AWESOME that has gotten me excited and my creative juices rolling...
She gave me "full creative liscence"!!!!!  She created a monster!  WHOOP WHOOP!

So, here is the fabric she handed me:

Here is the ribbon and thread she purchased:

This is the fabric for "L" (leaving names out to preserve privacy)
She chose a muted Tan and a bright orange.
This daughter is too old for girly girl dresses, but to young
for revealing or too tight dresses.
This one will be a challenge

This is the fabric for "K". She is an older young lady.  Her dresses
need to be lovely, modest, and fun! I have ideas brewing
for her dresses and am TOTALLY excited!

This fabric is for "R".  She is an adorably beautiful little girl
with a funky personality. Her dresses can be slightly "little girlish"
but not too much.  I also have my ideas for hers, WAY geeked!

Last, but DEFINITALY not least is the other "L" 's
fabric.  This little beauty is a ball of energy! She chose the
blue polka-dots and the watermellon seeds...and YES...I
have a vision of what to do for this one....CAN'T WAIT!

I'll post follow-ups as I finish them!  The challenge is finding enough fabric for two girl dresses AND matching doll dresses with just 3yards per fabric(6yd total per child) yet still keep them cute and original!

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