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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Madness and a Dishcloth Exchange!

March is both National Craft Month, AND National CROCHET month!  SO awesome!  So, let's celebrate!  Later I'm going to post a neat little craft Idea I'm working on, BUT, right now I'm working on a crochet Idea.....

Anyone up for a crocheted dishcloth exchange?  I absolutely LOVE crochet Dishcloths, they are so versitile and it seems there is always a new pattern for them somewhere. I would LOVE to do an exchange.  Post and let me know if your interested, If there are even 3 peeps interested, we can do it and have a BLAST!  If there's enough interest, I'll post some quick guidelines and we'll get started!


365 Bags said...

Sounds Really awesome I would be interested in doing a dish cloth exchange.

Volleysoft said...

Awesome! That's two of us....We'll have to see if we can get anymore!

Volleysoft said...

I posted the dishcloth swap rules if you're still interested!



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