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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fast Felt Puppet - Craft a Day #2

My kiddos LOVE puppets (so do I!), but, some of my ministry puppets just aren't able to be played with by little ones, so, I decided to make another one that they COULD play with! I'm sharing it here for my "Craft a Day" series for National Craft Month.  So here are the "ingredients" for the little puppet I "cooked up":

Felt, glue gun(and glue, hehe), ribbony stuff, magic marker, old buttons , and snaps

Here are the puppets I used as a pattern shape:

1.  I cut out the shape (larger for seam allowance) in two pieces of felt
(messed up on this one, had to do it again in green)
stitch it down all around(except the bottom) and turn it rightside out

2. Start adding pieces of felt, buttons, ribbon, etc.

3. Move stuff around and chop it up...get messy!

 3.  When you get it figured out, glue it down!

The kids call him "Mr. Police Man"!

We've added him to our collection!

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