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Monday, October 17, 2016

No more Monday dread!!!!

Mondays....I used to dread them...another start to another stressful week. My mind set needed to change.  Slowly but surely, the Lord began to work on me and help me to see differently. It wasn't instant, it came slowly, like Lincoln logs....piece after piece until I was finally able to get victory over the dread! Do you have a few minutes? I'd like to share with you what I've learned....

The first building block, the corner piece....came from a message preached by my Pastor. It had nothing to do with Monday dread, but he said something...something that I didn't realize the importance of till later, when the other blocks were added on.... He said something like this: "did you know your week doesn't start on Monday? God intended your day to start on Sunday. All the old calendars have Sunday as the first day on the week on your calendar....the new Calendars are starting to make Monday the first day of the week.  Our week is supposed to start with GOD...moving the start day to Monday takes the focus off of where it should be. ....THIS was revolutionary to me!

Next came some information from a video I'd watched ..... It mentioned starting your day by filling YOUR cup before helping others to fill theirs. If we spend the day pouring out pieces of our selves into others cups.....a boss, a job, our husband or wife, our children, our friends....but haven't first FILLED our cups....what will we have left? How will we survive and thrive when our cup is empty?  Was I starting my day by filling my cup ? Did I have me time? That quiet time alone where I FEED my soul ? Quiet time....Prayer...Bible Reading...Postitive Affirmations? The answer was a resounding NO! Oh I read my Bible and said quick prayers, but was I focusing on those quiet times...allowing myself to be filled and fed so that I could help fill others? NOPE!  What WAS I doing? Checking my facebook....getting dressed, and going on through the day like a zombie!

I began to think....how can I change this? Apply this to my life? Then, I watched a video by Carrie Wilkerson. She mentioned "moving the needle" The premise was changing something in your habits...replacing it with something new so you don't go back to the old habits. What came to mind while watching this was that quote "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail"  

Ok, now what? I PLAN to SUCCEED!!!

1. SUNDAY starts my day! I spend the day in worship to God at church ...starting fresh with God as the center. At home, I ask Him to be in control of the rest of the week, to guide me in my plans and daily activities...and make my plans accordingly.

2.  I start my mornings with a "power hour" 
     a. Quiet time/prayers/Positive Affirmations  (Philippians 4:8) 
     c. STAY AWAY from facebook scrolling during this time
     d. Wake children and get them started with their daily routines ....
     e. Complete the tasks for my business
     f. Go over daily list (Made the night before)
Then...after that, it's all about finishing other daily tasks ....do things always go according to plan? NOPE! But.....at LEAST I have a focus and can get My Days started right by filling my cup and putting the focus where it belongs.... and now...no more Monday dread!!!!!

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