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Monday, November 14, 2011

Give the Gift of BLOG for Christmas!

The holidays are here....Christmas is fast approaching and this household's attention has turned toward presents for family and friends.  Our family loves to make homemade gifts for Christmas. Besides being SEW cheap, they are from the heart, and mean more!!  This year, the ideas have been flowing in and I'm enjoying getting them ready.  I thought I'd share the ideas with y'all so YOU can enjoy them too!!!

This first idea is a little unconventional, but it truly is a gift that "keeps on giving"!  I have a friend who loves to quilt and another who is a homemaking, crafty, photograph taking, canning....you name it, she does it mamma.....To my surprise, neither one of them have a blog!  One of them didn't even realize the benifits of blogging, the other one just doesn't  know where to start.  My Christmas gift to them....helping them get a blog started!

Do you have a friend/family member who you think could benifit from starting a blog?

Here are some steps that might help you to "Give the gift of Blog" for Christmas!

Picking a blogsite:
There are many different places to go through when starting a blog...hubpages, wordpress...your own site and others.  Then, there's my favorite, blogspot!

Deciding a theme:
What do they like to do? Are they a quilter?  Do they make amazing meals? Are they bookworms? Are they weekend warrior DIY'ers?  Seamstress? Or maybe they could review products and have giveaways......show them some blogs that do things similar to their interests so they can see what others do....it'll get their creative juices going!

Designing(the fun part!)
Next, show them some neat sites with free blog backgrounds. A blog with an adorable background can mean more readers! These sites are usually pretty foolproof....(I know, cuz I can use em! lol)  They explain things in "See Dog Go" so even NON-computer geeks can understand.  Here are a few sites I have found to be good :


The Cutest Blog on the Block

Simply Blog it Backgrounds

Background Fairy

Now, why did I say this was the gift that keeps on giving?
Because, when their blog starts making money, it'll be like YOU'RE giving them the money.....a continuous gift!...here are some hints on how to get the moulah to start rolling.


Show them how to begin to make money on their blog.  Start by showing them how to get set up with "Adsence" if they're using blogspot.  Then, show them how to use amazon associates.  Next explain Adsence affiliates to them. 

These are just some basic steps to get them started on their trip into Blogville....there are, of course, many other things that can be done, but once you get them started, chances are, they'll catch the blog bug and take off !!!!

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