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Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Wish list...or I SEW wish for these....!

 I have been on a FREGGIE crave lately.  I have no desire for pasta, burger, steak, chicken....(still want fish!) right now....I'm not vegan, nor am I a raw foodie, YET....(I'm secretly a raw food wannabe!)  Having a family of 7 makes going raw difficult, to say the least.  However, my body is telling me that I totally need fruits and veggies right now, and I'm listening!  That being said.....I have a Freggie wish list!....Lemme share it with y'all:

1.  A dehydrator!

I can't even tell you the ways I could be SEW cheap in the long run with this puppy!
Imagine the money I'd save on fruit leather alone!
AND....you should see some of the awesome things you can make like: Pizza  or Cookies!

2.  A Saladacco or Spiralizer!

After seeing videos using both, I think I would preferr the Saladacco (plus it's cheaper!)
But, I would get this spiralizer too...whichever one I find at a yard sale first!

3.  A Juicer!

I would love to have something to turn my Freggies into a drinkable delight! Plus, I want to add greens to them!

SO, this is my current wishlist....If/when I get them...from some yard sale or resale shop,most likely, I'll review them on the site and let you know how they work!


Candice said...

I SEW want a juicer too...lol! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you back :)


Self Sagacity said...

how in the world will you find these at a yard sale? please let me know too...:-)

Volleysoft said...

The update to that post is this: I found a Dehydrator at a yard sale for 15 bucks new in box! It wasn't the Excalibur brand I wanted, but still nice. Then I Got a juicer at a yardsale for 8 dollars! (actually, I found two because my friend wanted one too!)
THEN...while helping my parents clean up a spare room....I FOUND A SALADACCO! They didn't even know what it was! AND they gave it to me along with ANOTHER dehydrator! God is GOOD! Prayer would be my answer to how I found these things, I have no other way of explaining!



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