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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fast easy Baby Bib ...or....Mean Green Blue Jeans! (pt 5)

Ok....I SERIOUSLY think I need to go to UPCYLEaholics Anonymous!  Except....that would mean I think this is a PROBLEM and I need to STOP.....NO WAY!!!!!!!  hehe

Here is a bib I had a blast making!  Sorry about my crazy tutorial...follow if you can!
Trace a plate on a piece of card stock.

Trace the bottom of the plate over the top of the circle (neck cut-out).

Cut it out and label it so you don't  pull it out someday and say "what is this thing?"!

Use the template to make a cut-out from your old jeans.

cut scrappy strips and-- an embellishment strip(not pictured)

Serge baby, serge!

make button holes, attach embellishment, and SERGIFY(technical term..hehe) !

Cut open button holes, lace in serged straps, and tie knots.
Enjoy your cute little bib!


De - aka, Denise or Neoma Denise said...

This is too cute. Will have to make a couple for my new grandchild on the way.

xjulie28 said...

love the simpleness of the pattern...i have an embroidery machine so i think instead of the decor strip a cute design would also be a nice idea

Volleysoft said...

That would be a WONDERFUL idea...I have DREAMS of owning an embroidery machine!

Russ said...

Thanks! This looks easy enough for me! Was looking for an easy idea, and we save ripped jeans and aother clothes. My two teen daughters and I are going to each make one, each in a different size (different size plates). Decorate our own,etc. They will be for my great niece. I think I am going to cut mine out around a back pocket. Look forward to seeing how they each turn out!
Thanks again,
Gracemarie P
(using husband's google acct)

Tora´s Vintage Dream said...

This is the cutest I´v seen in a long time and so easy:) thank you for your tut :) Found you browsing the internet.

Volleysoft said...

SO glad you liked it :-) PLEASE feel free to post a link to pics of your completed projects. I lOVE to see them!

Matson Mission said...

I love the way to attached the straps. so cute.

Kathy B said...

Adorable and so useful!!!

Tracy Cook said...

Just found thiyz when I was looking for things to do with my old jeans.

Volleysoft said...

Glad to know that it's still floating around for people to see...LOVED making this pattern up...simple and easy!

Dordors world said...

This is so cool. Love it.

Dordors world said...

This is so cool. Love it.


This is WAY cute! And so easy to make with your great tutorial. I can see adding a piece of lace to the embellishment strip for a baby girl.
Thanks for sharing. I love it.

webbsway said...

O, I agree-this is just so very cute , yet simple. Plus, you are breathing life into something you already have!That sounds like a win-win to me.
Thank you so very much for sharing of your talent.



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